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Thoughtful Travel

My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.

Marcel Proust


Credits: FASHION EYE Louis Vuitton’s new travel book series

In a world where borders tend to close and nationalisms tend to rise, travelling is pushed on the forefront of the scene and of our minds.

It is all about putting distance between us and the daily-routine, all that we know and deal with every day and create a psychological distance that enables us to think freely and get rid of our clouded thoughts.

It is also about creating new bridges, between populations, between cultures, between humans, see each others eye-to-eye and stop being passive on how we see others (trough television, rumors…).

This is where the concept of Thoughtful Travel comes from. Thoughtful travels give space for creativity and calm, for sharing and discovering. This concept matters also in terms of business as companies have to find their ways to the evolving needs of their clients.

Airbnb is the perfect example of a company who has known how to propose new services in order to reply to their client’s needs.



” We want every trip you take to feel magical. So you no longer have to follow the maps, wait in the lines, and take photos of all the same sights. Now, you can access unique experiences, incredible homes, and local favorites — all from one app. “


New doors are opening in the travel-concept. You can now follow Jeanine, a reiki master during your trip in Los Angeles and try The Alternative Path and cleanse your energetic blocks, balance your chakras, and explore new ways to meditate. Or follow Viktoria in Paris, a real-life perfumer and get a glimpse of how a “Nose” works, smell unique raw materials and perfumes and even create your own scent. How that sounds compared to your last holidays?



A new travellers community emerged, bringing with them new guides, new articles, new eyes on what travelling is and will be. Travel Dose is one of those place taking your travelling habits up to the next level with great recommendations and articles such as Best Camping in America or 48 Hours in Berlin, all of them written and shared with love.


Mount Minaret, New Zealand

l1_procidaProcida, Italy

pu6_costa-careyesCosta Careyes, Mexico

How is this concept declined in terms of fashion and design?

A new brand called Kilometre is rising with a very special concept. Alexandra Senes, company founder of Kilometre believes that discovering the world is the ultimate luxury. She makes clothes for travellers and those who love life. Kilometre combine flavours, destinations, literature, music to create a community of travellers for whom beauty has no limits and no frontiers.

She carefully selected destinations that she loves and sees as the destinations of the future and teamed up with designers and artisans to transform the shirts into illustrations, embroidered by-hand, moreover, each shirt comes with a passport containing a guide with all the secrets to know about the destination.

In terms of design and interesting initiative, we had a visual crush for this illustrated map added to the 2016 Fooding Guide listing the best japonese restaurant of the French capital, made in partnership with a japonese whisky brand Nikki.




Another initiative that we love and want to share with you is  EMMENEZ-MOI À , the new magazine of the french trains. The graphic design agency AAAAA conceived the model and the artistic direction.  EMMENEZ-MOI À  is a guide which aims to offer a new perception and makes travellers discovering with new eyes on French and European cities. An object which is not really a guide, not really a magazine but a special attention for the traveller, which will become a collector’s item.

Graphic Conception, Artistic Direction: AAAAA atelier + Illustrations: Simon Roussin + Editorial: M Publishing + Printing: Z-cards




” We build too many walls and not enough bridges. “

Isaac Newton